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Security Windows & Smart Glass

Security door and windows set

     In most burglaries, the criminals broke into the house or flat through the door, either by forcing the lock or kicking it in. Glass panels on doors and windows are particularly vulnerable So make sure your doors and windows (especially on the ground floor) have laminated burglarproof glass, which is robust and secure.
     Breaking through any glazing will take time and the longer the time it’s going to take the higher the chance that the thief will give up.

Security Windows: Service

     To complement the outstanding range of our security doors, we are proud to announce that we also supply the highest quality security windows. Windows are one of the most vulnerable areas of a building and the most common access point for unwanted intruders. Now thanks to our secure windows your home will be free of any weak spots, and with our bulletproof windows and our security doors in place, your home will be as safe as a fortress!

     Shield House Solutions are offering you the full range of security window designs or bespoke solutions and any security levels - from burglar proof up to the highest ballistic standards, from wooden to steel frames with multi-point locking options. 

Security sash window
Security window at conservation area
Steel security sash window

     Our timber windows and doors are glazed with double/triple-glazed units which incorporate an advanced thermally insulating glass to provide extremely low U-values. The efficiency is further improved by filling the cavity with Argon Gas and low-conductivity Warm Edge Spacer bars to minimise heat loss on the edges and results in centre pane U-values of 1.0 W/m.
     High light transmittance (75%+) maximises the entry of sunlight into your home. As well as our range of clear glass options we also have a wide choice of Etched glass and an extensive choice of obscure patterned glass available in any of our windows, all of which have different options and provide optimised performance.
We can offer glass types to meet requirements:

  • Toughened – increase strength and safety

  • Laminated – provides additional security over a toughened unit

  • Obscure (Patterned) – gives privacy and style to windows (available in a wide range of patterns)

    To make them more secure, all our sash windows are glazed internally which makes it impossible for intruders to gain entry by removing the glass.
     All double glazed units are designed with drainage and ventilation channels which helps prevent double glazing from misting and failure of units which can occur in the conventional system when glazing units are allowed to sit in water is trapped in a frame.
     Decorative bars inside of glass packs – profiles of a different colour, which are used for dividing glass according to the required density, mounted inside of insulating glass units.

     For Sash windows, we use hardware Pickard and Mighton, depending on customer preferences and possibilities.

     Our suppliers ensure a wide choice of traditional English hardware and high quality.

     The quality finish of our timber windows is obtained using the highest quality ecological water-based paints and stains. The finishing coat is elastic and moves together with the wood as well as lets the wood breath. It is water soluble, moisture resistant and fast drying finish with a long-term UV protection.

     A wide variety of paints and lacquers are available to meet our customers' requirements. All of our paints and varnishes are environmentally friendly, ecologically clean and harmless to the environment. These finishes were chosen for their ability to show the warmth and beauty of the wood.

  "Smart Glass" Solution for your Comfort & Safety!

 Love the look of large, open windows, but don’t like the lack of privacy? Apart from making your private life very public, leaving windows uncovered in the summertime can kill your electric bill.
     That’s because big windows let in light—a lot of it and this can be awesome in the winter, allowing that warming sunlight to generate a little free heat. However, letting all of that sunshine in during those summer months will heat up those same rooms. And having multiple fans, central air and other energy leeches won’t save you from that type of blistering heat!
     Of course, you don’t have to opt for ugly, dust collecting curtains or even blinds. There are plenty of shaded and patterned glazings available. But why block a great view when you don’t have to? That’s why the Shield House Solutions Ltd. offers the “Smart Glass” solution. You can not only block out the sun but also have some privacy when needed.
     This solution is a perfect addition to our burglarproof or bulletproof windows and doors. Glass can actually be tinted at the touch of a button either be used with  bulletproof glazing as “Bullet Active Smart Glass”- after the first shot when the bullet hits the glass, the transparent glass of all windows turns into opaque, not leaving the chance for shooter to take next accurate shot.  

Smart glass

Shield House Solutions Ltd. presents - Smart glass solution for security door

Shield House Solutions Ltd.
Shield House Solutions Ltd. presents - Smart glass solution for security door
Shield House Solutions Ltd. presents - Smart glass solution for security door

Shield House Solutions Ltd. presents - Smart glass solution for security door

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Bulletproof windows with Smart Glass test#1

Bulletproof windows with Smart Glass test#1

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