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Security doors
Security doors
Security doors
Security doors
Security doors
Security doors

Steel Security Doors

Why steel door?
The steel composite doors not only provide the unbeatable strength but also have more capabilities than any other can have:

  • A wide variety of available designs, materials, colours.

  • Custom made, bespoke or a visually identical copy of existing ones and can be used in most conservation or heritage areas.

  • Suitable for multi-point locking systems with motorised locks and biometric scanning options which provide highest as possible security.

  • Very high sound, heat, wind, smoke, and fire (up to EI120 standard) insulations.

  • Very durable and reliable, availability of replacing the external door panels at any time without reinstalling the whole door and frame construction.

  • Can be upgraded up to ballistic security grades.

  • Has outstanding ten years warranty, but probably will last for life.

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Security Doors

Technical parameters

  • Safety doors DELTA, LYDER and BESTA, are sound and heat isolating composite doors, for use indoors and outdoors. They include excellent heat and sound isolation features and also high-security level. These doors are assigned to Shield House Standard 3 and Shield House Premium - RC3 and RC4 security grades according to European standard EN 1627: 2011.

  • Doors available up to ballistic level FB7 by EN 1522 and EN 1523. 

  • Due to flexible production, doors are produced and completed according to individual orders. We are using only the best locking devices brands, such as ASSA-ABLOY, MUL-T-LOCK, FIAM, ISEO, MOTTURA, CISA...

  • The finish of the door is made from hardwood marine plywood or special MDF covered with varnish or special paints by the RAL colour palette. The entire metal construction is coated with powder coating, which ensures long-term surface protection from corrosion. Stainless steel option is also available.

  • Different types, sizes and shapes of the burglar-proof glazing can be installed.

  • The door may be a standard sized or individual size and design with stationary parts from the sides or top. 

  • Doors have been thoroughly tested in the certified laboratories according to EU standards. 

  • Our technologies guarantee high-level security, sound, heat and other insulation, beautiful look and long-life exploitation.

Seurity door DELTA. Security grade RC3
Security door LYDER. Security grade RC3
Security door BESTA. Security grade RC4

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