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A smart solution from Castellex for protection from Coronavirus COVID-19

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Castellex is a UK company that is fighting the Coronavirus pandemic in a different way. They specialize in NBC air filtration systems for bunkers and panic rooms. Their products can filter everything from nuclear particulate to mustard gas. Their products are popular with preppers and survivalists who insist on being prepared for a worst-case scenario. But they are also great for filtering everyday irritants like smog and dust. They have a complete line of filtration systems with something for everyone.

When the Coronavirus hit, Castellex shifted its production from NBC air filtration systems to strictly biological filtered ones. They also increased production in their production facility. While many similar companies increased their prices, some by 100% or more, Castellex remained committed to their customers’ safety and froze their prices at pre-pandemic levels. Castellex Air Bio line of filtration systems are specially designed to protect you from biological contamination such as in the case of COVID-19. One new feature that they’ve just added is the positive air pressure in the Air90 model. This means that the system pushes its filtered air out of the room creating positive air pressure inside the room. This ensures that airborne contaminants cannot enter the room through windows, under the door, or by any other means. Technology such as this has only previously been seen in military applications and hospital operating rooms. Now Castellex has made this technology available to the general public.

Protect your family. Protect your employees. Protect your assets. Castellex NBC systems provide life support and reliable air quality control. At all times. Only ordering with us you will receive a 5% discount on any Castellex NBC product.

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