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Shield House Solutions Ltd. introduces: BARRACUDA Soft Armour System by SAAB – Ballistic protection

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Best ballistic level protection for the panic room as you can have.

Barracuda Soft Armour is a bullet and splinter proofing technology that provides safety for personnel, compounds, important equipment and installations in hostile environments.

The armour provides multiple-hit protection and can withstand several strikes in the same area without any degradation of protection. The technology is excellent for use in the construction of structures such as walls, shields and reception desks.

The Barracuda Modular Soft Armour System employs a matrix of ceramic balls to provide protection against small arms and automatic weapons up to STANAG Level III and beyond by increasing the thickness of the containing structure. The balls also stop ricochets and the containers can be refilled as needed. Soft Armour System contains ceramic pellets which absorb the weapon’s kinetic energy. The system is self-healing - after every hit protection is maintained even with repeated hits in the same area.

Protection increases with Soft Armour thickness:

• 70mm – Handgun;

• 100mm – HAND GRENADE and 7,62 BALL (AK 47);

• 125mm – 81mm MORTAR and 7,62 AP (Armour Piercing) (STANAG 4569 L3);

• 250mm – 156mm ARTILLERY SHELL and 12,7mm (cal.50) HEAVY MACHINE GUN.

Soft Armour Applications:

• construction is quick and easy to build – no special tools or materials needed;

• easy to fill;

• high performance;

• cost-efficient.

Prefabricated protective walls:

• modest weight;

• easy to assembly;

• easy transportation.

Protection for any location:

• soft padding foldable nylon bags filled with Soft Armour pellets gives flexible protection for any application;

• easy to assembly;

• easy transportation.

Adaptive self –healing protection systems that will greatly increase your survivability.


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