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Aluminium Doors

Here you will find an aluminium door for every project and building type, from residential to commercial to traditional and contemporary. Our aluminium doors are robust, strong and highly secure, you can choose from hundreds of colours and finishes, ranging from a matt, gloss or metallic finish to a special low maintenance and scratch resistant Coatex finish.

Aluminium doors

Energy-efficient aluminium doors 

Our energy-efficient aluminium doors are suitable for the most demanding of projects where energy efficiency is of utmost importance. Our range of commercial aluminium doors is flexible in design, giving you the freedom to have very large openings and are available in all desired opening types, from inward and outward opening to pivoting and double casement.

Aluminium systems

Why choose Aluminium doors?


Aluminium is a highly durable building material, it is 100% recyclable with no loss of quality. As with all of our other aluminium systems; we offer a 10-year insurance guarantee for Reynaers aluminium doors. We have a range of commercial aluminium doors and aluminium door frames suitable for residential projects. 

Aluminium systems
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