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Pitbull Alarm – complete and smart alarm panel solution in one motion sensor
GSM intrusion alarm panel with integrated movement sensor

  • What is it?

The Pitbull Alarm is an intrusion alarm control panel, designed for houses,
cottages, country homes, summer houses garages and other premises. Pitbull Alarm uses GSM/GPRS communication channels. The system alerts homeowners via SMS, call, or mobile app notifications. It also reports to the monitoring station, using their preferred protocols. Eldes Cloud Services included.

  • What does it do?

Pitbull Alarm looks like a simple PIR (Passive Infra-Red) sensor. It has 2 PIR sensors, so is pet-immune (up to 40 kg).
More importantly, Pitbull Alarm is a complete GSM/GPRS alarm system with the integrated wireless module to pair up to 16 additional wireless sensors and controllers into one system.
There is also a microphone for covert listening, temperature sensor and back-up battery onboard.
Pitbull Alarm installation consists of several simple steps and takes less than 5 minutes.

  • Main features:

     Up to 10 users;

     Up to 16 ELDES wireless devices;
     Remote configuration with ELDES Configuration Tool;
     Remote control and configuration using: mobile app, web, SMS or voice call;
     Can be controlled via ELDES Cloud;

     Pet immune motion sensor (up to 40 kg);

  • Wireless module information:

The built-in wireless module provides system expansion capabilities to Pitbull Alarm system by binding up to 16 additional ELDES wireless devices, such as smoke detectors, sirens, door/window sensors, flood detectors, keypads, key-fobs, wireless signal repeater, making Pitbull Alarm a really smart solution!

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