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Fight back intruders and make them run away!

Ordering with us you will receive a 5% discount on any Castellex product.

     There are few devices like the Castellex NBC strobe lights on the market today. Concerning sheer convenience and efficacy, people often will not find strobe lights like these.
   Many criminals have learned to get around specific security systems. They will just disconnect the power sources from different elements of the security systems. From there, they can finish the job without interruptions. However, this isn't going to work with the Castellex strobe lights. They have built-in batteries.
    These strobe lights are challenging to disarm for other reasons, as well. They are equipped with tamper switches, so criminals will have a much harder time removing or deactivating the strobe lights. These are strobe lights that are highly immune to being tampered with by criminals, making them that much more efficient.
    With some battery-powered products, people might worry about them running low on the charge, and this isn't an issue with these strobe lights because the alarm console is continually charging them. As such, the strobe lights will always have the energy that they need to function as effective deterrents against criminals.
    The white light of this strobe is so bright and so dramatic that it can truly distract and alarm any criminal in the vicinity. However, there are also blue, and red lights as well. Added together, this will make the strobe lights similar to police light. Some criminals will have sort of a Pavlovian response to red, white, and blue lights. They will immediately associate them with the police, and this can cause them to behave irrationally and to make mistakes. When criminals act stupidly, they are more likely to get caught. They're also more likely to leave right away. Some criminals might be afraid that they accidentally stumbled onto police property, which is something that most criminals know to avoid at the best of times even if they're willing to rob someone else. Criminals typically do to prevent the police and anything associated with them, and these strobe lights can do the trick.

     Thanks to the robust steel body of the sounder, it should be complicated for criminals to smash it to disarm the system. The sounder should also last for a long time as a result of the sounder and its solid steel construction.
    The alarm console manages to keep the sounder constantly charged. As such, it is not going to fail on people at the worst possible moment. Criminals will not be able to disconnect the sounder from its power source, either. The built-in batteries make this impossible. They are also hard to find and difficult to remove.
   Many people are concerned about the professional criminals who have somehow managed to get past a lot of different security systems in the past, and this is understandable since a lot of these people seem to be unstoppable. However, a lot of professional criminals can do this because they are specifically good at disarming and deactivating a lot of the security systems that are tasked with keeping them out in the first place.
    It isn't because the criminals have some extreme set of unique skills that no one can anticipate. As long as people use security systems that are very difficult to disarm, then it is going to be that much easier to keep out even some of the most extreme professional criminals who are working today. This Strobe light and the Sound system should be able to help to make that happen.
    There are a few forms of deterrent technology that are more effective than sound technology. People tend to freeze up in the midst of a lot of loud noises. Loud noises can cause real pain. They can make people go into shock. They can cause people to want to get away from certain premises as quickly as possible.
    There are legal limits for indoor sound levels, of course. Noise pollution is a big problem. However, these sounders do not exceed 127 decibels, which is the legal limit. 127 decibels, however, is more than enough of a sound level to cause actual damage to the criminals who try to break in, and they will be aware of this right away. They will want to get away from the premises as quickly as possible just from the extreme sound, and this is a device that should manage to work fast. This means that the noise isn't going to last for too long. However, it should continue long enough to do its job and to stop the criminals from causing any damage. They are thrones who will have to pay in this instance.












Using  SECURITY STROBE - X  and  SOUND BLASTER - X  combination:
     Many people will specifically use a combination like this for burglary prevention. It can technically be used during working hours and after working hours. While some people might object to the fact that something this loud and this bright cannot be used during working hours, employees will often have to deal with similar spikes of sound and light during fire drills and other safety drills.
     Obviously, this is all more of an issue after the working hours anyway, since few burglaries will occur during a busy office day. This Strobe light and the Sound combination can truly manage to deter criminals very late at night when the office building is particularly vulnerable.
    The Castellex strobe light will be used at many different locations. The fact that the sounder and the strobe lights were designed to be relatively small and unobtrusive certainly helps. It means that it is that much easier for businesses to use them without worrying about the aesthetics of their business buildings being disrupted at any point. People will have a much easier time when it comes to adding security systems like these to their businesses because as long as the Castellex strobe light and sounder are not in use, people usually don't even have to know that they are there.
    Lots of areas will have a slow police response. Some areas will have functionally no police response at all. If the police are too late to get to the scene, they will usually be too late in general. Most criminals never get caught after they getaway, in fact, especially when it comes to simple burglaries and thefts. People need a first line of defence that is going to work. In a lot of cases, a reliable security system will get the job done.
    The Strobe light and Sound combination work very well for the remote areas that will have a  slow police response. However, they can work well in busier areas as well. Many jewellers, store owners, antique dealers, and art dealers will use security systems like these. Liquor stores and other areas that are prone to get robbed should invest in security systems like these as well.
    Some people will try to protect their machinery using security devices like this, which can indeed work wonders for a lot of people. Strobe light and Sound combination like this can stop a lot of crimes before they even start. Many criminals will just run away. They won't get arrested. They won‘t get caught by the store owners or property owners. The Castellex strobe light and sounder combination will just help a lot of criminals get the message quickly, and they will be gone. The entire process can be over in a few minutes, and that will work out better for everyone involved.
    A lot of people today will want a security system that works, but that is ultimately going to make things a lot easier and more convenient for them. The Castellex strobe light and sounder combination are capable of doing that. Using a Strobe light as a security device is an innovation these days. A lot of people have never tried doing that before, and the people who do use it will have an element of surprise on their sides these days. It's that much easier for a lot of people to be able to get ahead indeed when they know that their businesses are entirely secure. Whether people are trying to guard their boats, their stores, their homes, or their other valuables, the Castellex strobe light and sounder combination can help a lot of people stay safe and secure.



Castellax security systems are not just conventional alarm systems but are the ultimate in modern effective intruder deterrence. We recognise that even the most up-to-date alarm systems, whether based on standard sound alerts or notification of appropriate authorities, are not going to prove effective if law enforcement response is slow or absent. In remote areas, criminals are well aware that police response can take quite some time, thus enabling them to burgle your property with little fear. Even in areas with fast response time, it is rare for police to arrive in less than 5-7 minutes, this being quite ample for an intruder to enter and steal at will.

With this in mind, the Castellax team has created a unique range of anti-intruder solutions, capable not only of alerting security response but more importantly operating as systems designed to force criminals to leave premises immediately, thereby actually curtailing their criminal activities. With the range including the Castellax Sound Blaster-X, the Castellax Strobe-X and the range of Fog-X Security fogging systems, all deployable as stand-alone units or in combination for even greater effectiveness, the Castellax all work on the principle of leaving the premises effectively inhospitable, disorientating and confusing intruders and thereby forcing them to seek immediate exit before conducting their planned activities.? Complying with all legal requirements and suitable for premises from banks and embassies to private homes, individual shops and storage facilities, as well as remote objects, yachts and collections of classic cars, we truly believe that our Security Strobe Security Sound Blaster and Security Fog systems provide highly effective solutions to stop intruders in their tracks.

With strong steel bodies and features including tamper switches and integrated LiOn back-up batteries, our anti-intruder systems are also highly resistant to attempts to deactivate them or disconnect from power sources. Unlike many alarm systems available on the market, Castellax Strobe-X, Blaster-X and Fog-X devices offer you the peace of mind of knowing the alarm system is going to operate exactly when you most need it! As an additional advantage, not only are the Castellax security systems sleek in design and aesthetically pleasing, but they are also fully compatible with other security installations, easy to integrate and can be installed to work with any wired alarm systems or with an optional transmitter with wireless alarm system.

Produced by the leading British security manufacturer Castellex Ltd, you will not find a more effective non-lethal protective system on the market today. Castellax best in security!

     Ordering with us you will receive a 5% discount on any Castellex product.

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