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No matter your needs, we have the right solutions!

 In the modern world full of racial and religious confrontation and social instability we are more often than ever before faced with increasing security demands.

Do not be indifferent to yourself and your loved ones. Your security price is much lower than the consequences of its neglect - stay safe and secure.

Better safe than sorry.

Shield House Solutions


  • Every year, there are over 1 million burglaries and attempted burglaries.

  • A burglary happens every 40 seconds in the UK.

  • 73% of burglars use doors.

  • 57% of burglaries occur when someone is at home.

  • Through a Victim Support Survey, it has been discovered that 1 in 4 victims have had their house broken into more than once.

  • A British survey has found that repeat victims are likely to make up 60-80% of all crime incidents.

  • Urban residents are twice more susceptible to be burglars’ targets than rural dwellers.

...your source for security...

Beautiful, Reliable & Secure

     We are offering the perfect fusion of security, functionality and style. Our products meet the highest industry standards and are built using the latest technologies and advancements. We can provide free site survey and custom-designing to meet your expectations. Even our lowest priced products will provide the highest levels of security and safety.
     The additional security products we offer here at Shield House Solutions carry the names of only the most respected and reputable companies in this business. We now offer a range of specialist safety products that are all certified and carry guarantees from the foremost producers across the globe.
     These products are the smart combination of the highest quality materials and today's cutting-edge technology. They range from high to highest levels of security doors, burglarproof or bulletproof windows, panic (safe) rooms to CCTV's and various alarm and life support systems and every possible security solution you can think of in between.

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